I’ll spare you my professional bio schpeel..if you want to know that I’ve  written it 100+ times elsewhere. This is my most intimate, raw, authentic, factual publication  to the best of my dysfunctional brain and unremoseful prune of a soul can muster up at least. I realize that I’m a piece of work, in fact, I thrive on that knowledge. There’s a very fine line between self esteem and narcissism. I tend to think I represent the former rather than latter but I know a few ex’s out there who would disagree. That’s why they’re ex’s.  Oh well, life goes on and it was good there for a while honey(s) wasn’t it? Anyway, I digress but I’m mainly writing or posting or linking whatever I feel at the moment, on that very second, that instant in time when I post it and I want to document some things. I invite anyone, anywhere out there to read this blog but I do not welcome comments, observations or opinions. Save it ok? I don’t want to hear it. This is the one and only place out of all my blogs, websites, profiles and such that I reserve the right to do or say whatever the fuck I want.


Travis Bickle & The Pimp

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